Funding Proposal: Community Coordinator Q2 2023- Q3 2023


This proposal outlines the need to increase the monthly budget for the community coordinator from “0.33 $NATION per month” to “1 $NATION per month” and to continue payment for six months. The reason for this increase is due to the market fluctuation that occurred last year, causing the value of 1 $NATION to decrease from 4000USD to 750USD.

Additionally, the data from the citizen directory showed that the community coordinator has worked for a total of 333.72 hours from June 5, 2022 to March 5, 2023, averaging 8.343 hours per week and 33.37 hours per month, with the longest total hours worked in December 2022 at 59.35 hours.

Furthermore, it should be taken into account that the community coordinator may need to work on weekends to help and respond to community member needs.

*Given the differences in the size and level of engagement among various communities, the workload of community coordinators may vary. Therefore, this proposal only pertains to the community coordinator of the Chinese community.


In a community-driven organization, the role of a community coordinator is crucial. The community coordinator serves as a bridge between the organization and its members. They need to communicate the progress and updates of the project to the community members in a timely manner, as well as address and resolve any questions or concerns that the members may have. The community coordinator is also responsible for helping new members integrate into the community and ensuring that they feel welcomed and supported.

Community coordinators play a vital role in fostering a positive and inclusive community environment. They are often the first point of contact for community members, and their dedication and commitment to the community are essential for its growth and success. A community coordinator’s contributions are instrumental in building a sense of community and fostering a strong sense of belonging among its members.

Problem Statement

The current monthly budget of 0.33 $NATION per month for the community coordinator is insufficient and does not reflect the amount of time and effort they contribute to the community. The market fluctuation and decrease in NATION value, combined with the community coordinator’s workload, make it necessary to increase the monthly budget to 1 $NATION per month.


The proposal is to increase the monthly budget for the community coordinator from 0.33 $NATION to 1 $NATION per month and continue payment for six months. This increase will better reflect the amount of time and effort the community coordinator contributes to the community and ensure that they are appropriately compensated for their work. It is also proposed to take into account the community coordinator’s potential need to work on weekends to support community member needs.

The six-month payment period is proposed to avoid budgetary issues arising from potential $NATION price changes.


1 $NATION per month per Community Coordinator for six months, resulting in a total budget of 6 $NATION.
The budget will be paid in $NATION currency.




PR: gov-proposals/N3GOV-43.json at main · nation3/gov-proposals · GitHub

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@rencai201, if you are open to it, we could reshape this proposal into an OpsGuild funding proposal:

The OpsGuild can handle operations and maintenance of Nation3 systems/tools/infrastructure, and community coordination (contributor onboarding) could be part of this.

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Here is an alternative way of structuring it. Please have a look and let me know what you think:

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Willing to contribute!

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