Funding Proposal: Nation3 Court V1

In response to Open Call for Projects and Guild Roadmaps

Nation3 Court System V1

Original rational by @luis : Nation3 court: A backbone to bootstrap a circular economy by increasing trust between citizens

Goals & Scope

The goal of the Nation3 Court project it’s to provide a system that allows the creation of collateral agreements between two or more non-trusted parties that will be arbitrated by a trusted third party in the case of a dispute.

This project’s scope is to research, design & develop the set of tools required to bootstrap an initial version of this system. At the end of this project, we expect to have:

  • A Solidity framework to create & manage arbitrated agreements.
  • The tools required to set up and operate a court of jurors to arbitrate those agreements.
  • An initial human-friendly UI to create & manage agreements, as well as to resolve disputes.

Expected Deliverables

  • Agreement framework contract.
  • Modules to operate the court as a modified multi-sig. Probably based on Zodiac architecture.
  • Subgraph to retrieve agreement information. Including the setup of an indexer Graph node.
  • UI for agreements users.
  • UI for jurors operations.
  • Docs on the system architecture and usage.
  • Support integrating the system with Nation3 setup.


Coordinator: @0xGallego

Estimated to have a 2-5 size team composed of:

  • 1-2 Smart contract developers*
  • 1-2 Frontend developers*
  • 1 UX / UI designer

*(Full-stack developers could fill the gaps also)

Budget request

The budget requested will account for:

  • Compensation for a team of 2-4 developers + 1 designer. (>85%)
  • Bounties for outsourced work. (<10%)
  • Deployment & setup costs. (<5%)
  • Team operational costs.

It won’t account for audit costs.

I propose a budget allocation of 60K USD valuation for the whole project.
In the case of USDC available in the treasury, I suggest a split of 40K USDC / 20K (USD) in NATION (Valuation at payment). In other case, the team will negotiate with the Meta Guild on the best outcome for both parties.

Timeline estimation

It will depend on the number of contributors to join and the final team capacity.
I would expect 1 month of work in an ideal scenario that could extend to 2 months with fewer resources.

KPI - Rewards plan

The Meta Guild will be responsible to validate the progress of the project and perform the payments to the team. The budget for the project should be allocated to the Finance & Ops multisig before payments.

25% - Published refined specs for both Contracts & UI
50% - Demo version working in testnet
100% - Completed version deployed in Mainnet

With each the achieve of each KPI the team will be able to claim the % of the budget matching the progress.


It’s great! I think this should be the fundamental component for all DAOs, so when designing & developing it, we should consider making this product universal and available to more DAO projects.

The idea is to start with a simpler version for Nation3 internal use so we can learn what works best and where to guide this project towards. If this works for us, we can develop it to bigger / advanced solution that could also fit other organizations.


Great proposal, I’m learning solidity, looking forward to seeing the source code.

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Great proposal. I am still scoping out the specs of the court, but I am in.

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