Proposal: 🧠 Meta Guild Roadmap

In response to Open Call for Projects and Guild Roadmaps

:brain: Meta Guild

This is where the most proactive members can discuss the creation and coordination of new guilds, coordinate joint activity across multiple guilds, discuss any inefficiencies in guild structuring, and propose changes.

Measurable Objectives

  • Coordination of labor within guilds.
  • Handle admin tasks.
  • Weekly maintenance of tools used by guilds (Discord, GitHub, Vercel, Dework, NationCred, Coordinape, Parcel).

Completion Date


Compensation :banana::gorilla:

0.975 $NATION per week allocated by fellow apes in the :brain: Meta Guild Coordinape Circle: Coordinape

Members: @0xGallego @aahna @anastasiya @johnmark13 @luis @tropicalchancer @rencai201

These Circle members are contributors who 1) have selected the Meta Guild role in Discord, and 2) are actively contributing value to Nation3 development work. The member list will be kept up-to-date on a weekly basis.

Other Costs Associated With Task Completion


Total Budget Per Month and for the Overall 3-Month Period

4.18 $NATION per month. 12.54 $NATION per quarter.

Update 1 (Jul 4): Adjusted weekly budget from 0.875 $NATION to 0.975 $NATION. This to also cover the operational costs with executing weekly multi-sig payments (NationCred CSV payouts, Dework bounty payouts, Coordinape Circle epoch allocations).


Is the Meta Guild also the Champion of the Nation3 values and philosophy, here to nurture the citizens, the assimilators of new knowledge and generators of strategic direction? Or is the Meta Guild really Ops & Finance smooshed together? I think answering whether any Guild has a strategic/purpose say would make it easier to know what the Meta Guild’s output should be.

Meta always makes me think of Hofstadter who loves talking meta and infinite recursion - Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.


@johnmark13 That sounds more like a task for the Community Guild?

Community Guild
This is a Guild that focuses on community building & community coordination activities, with the goal of harnessing the entire Nation3 Citizen base towards actionable goals.

I love language, I am not good with it, but I love it! Community, seems more like marketing and engagement - engaging and motivating people to enact a strategy. I am sure I am way far down a rabbit hole!

If ultimately Meta is Finance/Ops, maybe the Guild merge conversation should be decided before setting objectives? Or maybe that is the Objective!


You could certainly see the Meta Guild as ops/finance (not treasury, just coordinator of financial comp for contributors). Thoughts @aahna @anastasiya?

Yes, the reason I suggested merging Rewards+Meta into one is because the Rewards guild does not have enough active contributors to form its own Coordinape Circle.
@0xGallego and I shared our thoughts on this topic here:

Also agree that Meta guild (in my view) is more focused on ops & finance.

@johnmark13 the focus areas you’ve outlined (values and philosophy, here to nurture the citizens, the assimilators of new knowledge and generators of strategic direction) in my view actually span across a few different guilds, and some don’t belong to any and are citizen-wide! Eg nurturing citizens is certainly a Community Guild focus, new knowledge = Research guild?; and things like strategic direction are for the entire community to determine, with Meta Guild asking the right questions, digesting & summarising it into actionable goals :slight_smile:

But all of this is experimentation, let’s see how this goes and we can always change this focus allocation!

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@aahna As we’ve just merged the rewards guild into the meta guild, could you include in the proposal the operational costs from payments / budget management?

@0xGallego Yes I can do that. Do we have these costs summarized somewhere, or would you like me to propose an estimate?

Based on transaction history:

  • Avg. NationCred multi-payment transaction cost → 0.035 ETH
  • Avg. bounties multi-payment transaction cost → 0.006 ETH

We can estimate:

  • 1 weekly NationCred multi-payment transaction
  • 1 weekly Bounty multi-payment transaction
  • 2-4 weekly Guild multi-payment transaction

~ 0.075 ETH/weekly for common operations
~ 0.3 ETH/monthly for common operations

Makes sense?

Thank you, @0xGallego. Updated the original post with the new numbers: Proposal: 🧠 Meta Guild Roadmap