Proposal: Set Q1 2023 goals

After the North Star metrics governance proposal and the Q4 2022 goals proposal, here comes a governance proposal to set the goals for Q1 2023:

  • 50 active citizens: Trying to target a NationCred score equivalent to a citizen devoting 1h/week to Nation3. Last quarter, we got to 10, which is 20% completion. However, we didn’t have time to onboard new citizens (also didn’t have the court as a core component to attract them).
  • 10 BTC: On Q4 the amount was symbolic (1 BTC) to reflect launching the court (plus everything required like recruiting jurors, drafting meta-agreements…), which we didn’t achieve on time. Equivalent of 10 BTC makes more sense now, since we will have time to onboard users.

Any thoughts everyone? :smiley:

Excellent - I would say if we believe in the route to a stretched 10 BTC goal, we should be able to target greater than 50 active citizens - especially if Court activity is included in the citizenship calculations (@aahna WDYT?)

10 BTC

Do we have a simple view of the staked value and it’s equivalent in BTC?

i think it’s ambitious to 5x the number of active citizens in one quarter. But with the court done and incentives (like this one Proposal: Allow up to 9 $NATION to be spent on rewarding top Constitution edit proposals), I believe it’s achievable.

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50 active citizens is a pretty good and ambitious goal. It is 7x the number of active citizens in one quarter. (Right now, average weekly active citizens are 7-8). And there are only 180 genius citizens NFT which can be minted, which means if we want to reach out the Q1 goal ,23% new citizens need bacome the active one.

So, we need do more things or start planing launching the “regular passport” to increase the number of citizen.


I believe the goal is “we need to rethink the reorg of Nation3DAO”.

The two-pizza team structure is not a good solution to problems like onboarding and promoting citizens’ activities.

I used to participate in PandaDAO and SeeDAO. Both DAOs used a two-pizza team structure.

PandaDAO dismissed itself due to conflict with the community and didn’t want to give more rights/controls to the community.

SeeDAO dismissed the company which is the backbone of the two-pizza team structure, let the community take over the DAO, and reborn.


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I believe we have been doing a decent job trying to recruit most likely to be active citizens based on our targeted campaigns last year.

Once the court launches, we can create a campaign around our product and the broader vision of Nation3 to try to attract more active citizens, plus at this point we should be able to appeal to a more diverse audience that sees utility in our product.

We should also get active in IRL crypto events like hackathons, conferences, etc. Maybe set it as an objective for Nation3 to sponsor and host workshops or something close to the end of Q1 2023.

Also, we could keep trying to gain members that are interested in the concept of Network states by making ourselves present in this spaces. ( I joined a 6 weeks cohort starting on January 10 to gain access to this type of network. )


Just to clarify, what you are referring to is not the DAO, but a specific guild in the DAO with laser focused members on product development and value accrual.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the DAO, feel free to make a proposal and pass it on to a vote, this is the most optimal way for coordination in a DAO.

I look forward to reading your proposal

I agree that the regular passport might create more access to people who want to join the DAO but cannot afford the 2 Nation ( My assumption is that some potential active members might have been scared away by the notion of the total price of full citizenship ).


@johnmark13 Yes, definitely. Since the Court system is on-chain, we can easily include Court participation when measuring the activity (NationCred score) of a Citizen.


I don’t think any of those examples really apply to the proposed structure for one guild. The key point is that there can be guilds, and each guild can organize as they see fit as long as they meet deliverables.

A few contributors (myself included) decided that we work best in a tight-knit team, and created the Solar Guild. That doesn’t change the fact that the project is permissionless. It doesn’t touch the governance process, doesn’t touch any of the checks and balances.

Basically this, well said!

Completely agree. The Solar Guild wants to undertake this after Nation3 agreements are live!

Then shall we shoot for 50 active citizens? I think if we are having around 10-20 (I remember seeing this number somewhere) 50 seems reasonable. In this case it’s actually slower growth than something like the Nation3 jurisdiction, since communities are much more about slowly building relationships and meaning.

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Right now, the average weekly active citizens are 7-9, most of them are long-term developers and contributors. Most of them spent more than 10 hours a week. (the standar of active citizen is 1 hour a week). It means we lack members who “mid-level” participate in community thinking and development. So, that is reason why we need launch our general passport ASAP and think about how to attract citizens to “mid-level” participate in our development or something else.

*Thanks a lot to @aahna 's effort. The “citizen drectory” can help us to anaylze the situation more accurate, objective and scientific.

I still think “50 active citizens” is a reasonable and challangling goal. It can push us to think more and do more.

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@luis We currently have around 10 active per week: nationcred-datasets/nationcred-active-citizens.csv at main · nation3/nationcred-datasets · GitHub

The data says 7, but we have 3-4 active contributors that have not been registered in SourceCred yet.

My guess would be something like this:

  • Q1: 15 active
  • Q2: 25 active
  • Q3: 45 active
  • Q4: 85 active

Based on this I’m wary to propose 50, and would prefer 25. Less, but higher quality. Thoughts?

@luis What we see so far is that about 4% of citizens become/remain active after minting the passport. So 25 active would assume 625 minted passports by the end of Q1.

I was arguing for making some of the non-active citizens active, not to increase the pie. I think 4% of citizens being active is quite a low figure, so I think we should work on increasing that percentage.


Agree! The ratio active citizens/citizens is the best way to measure commitment and alignment with the project. Increase this ratio should be the main priority.