Temperature Check: Decentralize Nation3?


The Nation3 founders have generously agreed to returning the 20% of the token supply that they received in April 2022 for their pre-launch work, as well as handing over admin access to all Nation3 systems/services.

The recent proposal to transfer all the funds from the Nation3 DAO to a new centralized entity triggered anger and resentment amongst the DAO contributors who worked for the $NATION token post-launch. More than 1,600 hours (Dework + Coordinape + Sector#3) have been dedicated to the Nation3 DAO by contributors who joined the DAO after the public launch in 2022. These contributors did not work for $USDC, they worked for $NATION.

Besides the active contributors, there were also inactive contributors. These did not invest their time, but instead their money, either into the token itself, or for minting the Nation3 NFT passport at a cost of 2 $veNATION per passport. Until now, 269 Nation3 passports have been minted.


We now have an opportunity find a solution that works well for both the Nation3 DAO and the founders leaving the DAO. So let’s be constructive and remember that we are all working towards a world with more individual freedom and less government coercion. We can find an amicable solution where both groups continue this work.

Decentralization of the Nation3 Governance

In a nutshell, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) should be a member-owned community without centralized leadership.

Since a contributor joining Nation3 post-launch cannot possibly earn thousands of $NATION tokens in one lifetime, centralization is currently a problem in our governance. Therefore it makes sense—and is greatly appreciated—that the founding members are willing to return the 8,414 tokens so that we can restructure the Nation3 governance.

Traditional Organization → DAO

As we reset Nation3, we can start by transitioning from a traditional organization structure to a more decentralized and autonomous organization structure, following the ethos of DAOs.

Based on the Ethereum website’s official definition of a DAO, this is what the transition could look like for Nation3:

Nation3 (Traditional) Nation3 (DAO)
Hierarchical → Flat, and fully democratized
Treasuries can be accessed without the approval of the group → Treasuries that no one has the authority to access without the approval of the group
Off-chain governance: Outcome of voting handled manually → On-chain governance: Votes tallied, and outcome implemented automatically without trusted intermediary
Distribution of funds requires human handling → Distribution of funds will be handled automatically in a decentralized manner
Solar Guild activity is private, and limited to the public → All activity will be transparent and fully public

Temperature Check

Would you support decentralization of Nation3?

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  • Reject
  • Abstain
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i would say the solar guild should still have some control over nation3’s treasuries and other contracts so they can do their stuff, but not to an extent where they could rug pull

also in my opinion, some solar guild activity probably should be private

for the voting parts, maybe we can look at vocdoni? they have some interesting tech that allows for trustless offchain voting afaik